Graves Park

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Last week I headed to Graves Park, this was a mid week treat as I had the Thursday off work. I have been living in Sheffield for over a year now and there is still so many places that I have yet to visit. I decided to visit here because I fancied a nice walk around see some animals along the way, it reminds me of being back at home as we used to go to see the animals a lot as a child.

Graves park is Sheffield's biggest park and it located about a fifteen minute drive from the city centre. The park has plenty do to and see as there is a animal farm, cafe, woodland walk, lakes, tennis courts and small lakes. Which is perfect for an afternoon walk around and to blow out some of them cobwebs. Which I think is perfect for me as I tend to spend most my time in the cit centre or indoors with not much scenery to look at.

We parked at one entrance and walked to the animal farm, feeding the ducks on the way. Some ducks did get a little too close so I did have try and edge them back into the water, whilst squealing like a big girl. There was plenty of squirrels to spot on the way to the park, which was tricky to spot as they were very fast. The farm had lots of funny looking birds which were having a battle of who could sound the loudest. Which was funny as it was a the little birds who were making the most noise.

The farm also had some chicks which had recently just hatched, I found this unusual to see as it is something I usually associate with spring and warmer weather. The chicks were huddling all together to keep warm and I know how they felt as it being out in the cold all day as it did make me glad to get indoors and enjoy a good cup of tea.

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