What Does Your Breakfast Say About you? *

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it sets you up the day ahead. It provides you with the fuel and energy you need to start your day and to keep you going until lunch time. I must admit, it was only a few months ago that I did start to eat breakfast. I started when I was on my healthy eating binge before my holiday back in May. I found by eating a healthy nutritious breakfast, I snacked less which meant I then lost more weight. I felt it also perked me up afterwards, as I usually have my breakfast an hour into work so this beats my sluggish mood.

I love mixing my breakfast up, I tend to stick to milk and cereal in the week and a little treat at the weekend. This is a bacon sandwich or some buttery toast with a cup of Yorkshire tea. It does not hurt to have little bits of what you fancy but I do tend have these at the weekend as they aren't the healthiest options for breakfast.

What you have for breakfast is said to tell a lot about yourself, more than what you think. From how you brown your toast to what bread you use. Marmalade makers Duerr's worked with Roberts Bakery (the bread people) on a study to see how people liked the thickness of the bread,  if they double dip (thats the knifes), how you spread the jam or butter. This is then said to determine if your breakfast buddy is going to be your long time breakfast buddy or is it just a quick snatch and grab before you leave the door in the morning.

From identifying how you make your toast in the morning Dr Sandi Mann and the academics were then able to match this to 15 personality types. Once you have identified your personality you then can do this on your breakfast buddy to see if you are match. So, if they like warm soggy toast with the crusts cut off can determine if they are the 'one'. It sounds like something from match.com which also does have some great success stories of matching singles along with their personality types, so maybe they are on to something here.

So, what are you waiting for? www.marmaladeandtoast.co.uk

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