Verbena Luxury Hand Cream

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I picked this hand cream up from the goodie bag at the SheffieldBBloggers event last week. I was so glad to see a hand cream hiding inside the goodie bag as I am starting to run out of my current hand cream. I tend to use hand creams more in the winter as cold weather makes my hands little dry so I tend to buy products which contain products for moisture for my hands.

I have hand creams everywhere at my desk at work, in my handbag, in my bedside draw and in the the bathroom. I tend to have different brands of hand creams as I haven't really found a product which I loved and stuck with. I like hand creams that aren't too sticky and do soak quickly into my skin as I have no patience to allow it to dry.

The Verebena Luxury Hand Cream  £6.95 comes in a tube which I prefer compared to a pot of cream as I find this tends to get under my nails and its more hassle to apply. With a tube I find its easier to squeeze out the amount you need and work into your skin. The product contains Shea Butter which is perfect for dry and rough hands so is great if your hands are needing some moisture as it will soften and smoothen the skin.

I love using this product, I have been using this at my desk at work as I felt then I could make the most of using the product as this is where I spend most of my time. As who doesn't need a little luxury why you are at work. The product can be worked into the skin where it then dries quickly leaving soft feeling skin. The product is made for hands but I think it would work on legs too as after shaving they can be sometimes a little dry and need some moisture.

I had not heard or used this brand before but after using this hand cream I will be seeing what other products Verbena has and popping this onto my Christmas list for Santa.

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