Last weekend was the Sheffield Bloggers event, I have been looking forward to this for a few months. I know how popular the event was as at first as I was on a waiting list to get a ticket. I think this made me even more excited for the event. I love events in Sheffield and meeting Sheffield bloggers as I think there is never enough events in Sheffield for bloggers.

The event was organised by Georgina, Ashley and Heather. It was held at Maveli. This was not somewhere I have been to before as I am still finding West Street a very long road full of surprise places to eat and drink. When I arrived I was greeted by Georgina who outlined the day and gave me my goodie bag, which was jammed back full of goodies. The goodie bag was good that I am going to give this a post all to its self, to show it off.

The event was full of some new faces which I love to see at events and some friendly familiar ones who I have met at events before. The event was full of time to mingle and chat to fellow bloggers, I love events like this where it is more informal. I think it just means that bloggers are more relaxed, if there is more time to chat.

Lush were at the event, I have mentioned previously my love for Lush. They love working with bloggers and do know how to treat bloggers so well. Lush popped along with their massage bars, which I am currently loving at the moment. They were giving out hand massages and showing how to do this on your fellow victims. I learnt this at the Sheffield Blogger Meet Up event so I now claim to a be pro! Lush brought along their bath bombs, which I am obsessed with! I refuse to have a bath without a bath bomb, it's a good job I don't have a bath at my house.

Jan from Look good feel better popped along. I must admit this is not a charity that I have previously heard about.  It is a charity which works with cancer patients and helps build their confidence with make-up lessons and make overs. The passion from Jan really shined through and all the hard work she has put into the charity to make it so successful.

The final surprise, which I had been asking around to see if there was any rumours but everyone was in the dark. Was Costellos, this is a company which delivers cake! Yes delivers! I know, its so great and it tastes amazing, it was so good I had to pick up a slice or too for me and the boyf. I think Costellos is perfect for a lazy day in bed where you fancy cake but have no intentions of leaving bed.

We were also treated to a buffet from the was south indian cuisine. Which I haven't really tried much of before but it was full of flavour and exciting smells. Which i do need to go back and give a try for a meal.

 The organisers did a fantastic job! I know how much time and effort goes into events so my hat does really go off to you as it was a great event.

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  1. Sounds amazing, how have I not heard of these places despite living here?!?

    1. I hadn't heard of it either but its on west street in Sheffield. x