Chatsworth House

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A few weekends ago, I went to Chatsworth House. I have not been here in years, Its somewhere I used to go when I was younger as my Nan and Grandad had a caravan nearby.  It's somewhere that really reminds me of my childhood because I have so many great memories in Derbyshire as a child. I can not remember the last time I went to Derbyshire, which is really odd as I live so much closer now I live in sheffield. I did not realise how close it was until I got there as being originally from the midlands it would take over an hour.

It was a hot sunny weekend, which is completely different to the weather this week as its a damp and cold. It was perfect for walking around the grounds and in the gardens of Chatsworth House. We parked at the car park which is at the edge of the grounds, this meant a stroll to the house. Which was lovely as there is plenty to see on the way, there was sheep in the field and I could see reindeers across the river. It did mean needing to watch where you was walking so next time I wouldn't pick my pumps to walk around in.

There was people who were having BBQ's and picnics because the weather was so great. This does take some serious organising and planning but I think next time it would be lovely to do. If you don't take a lunch there is plenty of places to eat and drink once your inside the grounds of the house, so you won't go home hungry.

Once we reached the house, I realised how much it had changed since I had been last. I'm not sure  if it's because all I can remember is the car park and the farm, as I don't think I ever went into the house as a child. There is plenty to do in the grounds, which can keep you busy all day. We went to the grounds after a yummy pork sandwich and this took up the whole day. There was a maze which we had to face defeat as after three attempts I ended up at the start, which is a little shameful after hearing children cheering in the middle.

In the gardens there are plenty of sculptures to stare at and wonder what they are. At the bottom of the sculptures they explain what they are and who they are made for, which is great for people like me who are clueless about art. There is also hidden discoveries in the gardens, we found a mini stream which I hadn't seen before. There is plenty of places to sit and watch the world go by.  As we walked around there was talks about the grounds and the sculptures which would be interesting to go on as I must admit I don't really know much about Chatsworth House.

It was a great day, a tiring one after all of the walking. It would be great place to take children to tire them out for a quiet night. As once I got back home I was ready for a nap and I ached so much the next day.

Have you been to Chatsworth House before?
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1 comment

  1. Lovely photos Kirstie! Chatsworth house is one of my favourite places in Yorkshire, just beautiful. x