Northen Blogger Meet Up


Last weekend was the Northen Blogger Meet, I had been joint organising this with a few fellow bloggers. The original plan was to make this a solo project but i felt there was too much for me to do. So with the help from a few fellow bloggers CatherineKatherine and Tori we all clubbed together and made a great event! The event i originaly planned for 20 people but this quickly grew, i was over the moon with the amount of people who said they were popping along.

I was excited for this event as i feel there is never enough events for bloggers in Sheffield as often the events i pop along to are in Leeds so i don't always get to meet bloggers who live that near by. All the Sheffield bloggers all came out of the woodwork! I did not realise there was so many Sheffield bloggers living so close.

There was so many brands who were involved with the event we were concerned about the size of the goodie bags, that they were too heavy! (yes, they were that jammed packed!).  The event was hosted at Eten in Sheffield this is a place which i follow twitter but i have not yet to visit in real life. The food looked super yummy when i entered, i knew i had to try something. Me and my sister shared a mushroom sandwich which was so delicious, it was so creamy and tasty. I do need to venture back to try more yummy things on the menu as they was plenty of yummy treats.

The lovely Lush  popped along,  as my readers know I love Lush and their products. They do treat bloggers so well and they are so helpful with any queries that you may have regarding the products. I think you can notice a Lush(ie) staff from a mile away, i feel like their personalities are always so bubbly and full of life and passion for their products really does shine through. I can honestly say when ever i pop into both Sheffield stores i come out with a smile on my face, it does rub off. Lush popped along with two bath bomb demonstrations sex bomb and big blue. Bowls were placed on each table are we were able to see the pretty bombs oozing with goodness. I am pretty mad on bath bombs so this was right up my street, anyone would have thought i organised it? Lush discussed their charity SLush which i have previously brought a pot of but i haven't heard of the story behind it before. After this we decided to give half of the raffle money to Lush and the other half went to Marie Curie cancer care. Lush gave all of the bloggers a goodie bag, which had either face toner, a bath bomb and hair products (i did tell you Lush do look after bloggers).

Benefit also popped along to the event, i was so happy when i discovered they were popping along. I have heard any things about the products and have i tried a few myself but i haven't ever been to one of their beauty counters before, so i was excited to hear more. Benefit did have a few problems with setting up but they managed to talk through the presentations. They spoke about the origin of the brand, as it started as people used their cheek tints for exotic dancers to as a nipple darkener.  The brand has came along way but the cheekiness of the brand stayed and does continue today. Benefit also shared with us a few secrets their Christmas range for 2014, their upcoming bow bars and their new blusher Majorette.  Benefit were so kind to give the bloggers all a free full sized 'They are real' mascara  and eyeliner 'They are real' - push up liner. YES! we were all that lucky, the girls also showed us the correct way to use the liner. This is something i need as i cannot apply eyeliner but i did try this and it seem easy to use as i was with a few attempts i was able to draw a straight line.

I felt the day was a great success! I am planning on hosting another Sheffield event very soon, so do keep our eyes pealed on twitter. I am hoping that more Sheffield blogger events do pop up so we can all meet up again soon.

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  1. I really enjoyed the event had such a good time really enjoyed the talks too you did a fantastic job of organising , was nice to meet you :D xx

  2. I had such a great time, thanks so much for organising it all, you did such a great job! xo

  3. Sounds like an amazing event Kirstie! :D

    You did so well! :D