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Last week my family came to visit me in Sheffield, I have been living in Sheffield now for over a year and this is a rare occasion. We had a lovely day but it was a great excuse to take them shopping and show them around Medowhall. My family live near to Birmingham so they are used the hussle and bussle of a big city. They loved Sheffield's Medowhall as they was plenty of shops for them to grab a few bargains. 

As you may know already I don't own many coats, they are all jackets. I find that coats make me way to hot and sweaty so I tend to layer up in the colder months. This then is perfect so I  can strip off a layer when i do get too hot. I needed a jacket which was smarter than my current thick cardigan which i wear on lazy days around the house and when I am popping to the shops. I need something which matched my work wardrobe  and would be perfect for all season round. I was originally looking for a pastel cardigan but i realised this would not match most of my wardrobe as this is usually dark colours so I decided to look for a darker shade of a colour or a black jacket. 

After hunting about the highstreet and not really finding anything suitable as they were either too thin so would be pretty useless as a jacket or were too long, so made me look even shorter. I stumbled on this jacket from TKMaxx for £29.99, at first I did think the jacket was a little big but i think is this perfect for my layering up which i planning to do when the temperature dips a little more. 

I have already started wearing this for work and I  have been wearing this week while I  have been on holiday from work. It has gone with a lot as it's dark gray so it doesn't  clash with any patterns or colours. I think it is perfect for this weather as it has been a little chilly on the way to work in the morning and who does not want a cosy cardigan wrapped around them on the way to work. 


My Nan's dog just had to photobomb this photo.

Jacket, TkMaxx £29.99, Necklace, Primark £2.00, Top, H&M £7.99, Leggins, George £12.00, Pumps, H&M £7.99 

At £29.99 it is perfect for winter - autumn , I am thinking of adding a tartan scarf to this when it does get a colder as the jacket does not have a button or a zip it may let a little cold onto my chest. 
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