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The other weekend me and the fella popped along to Cubana in Sheffield. I have been wanting to pop along since they moved to Leopold square. I did try  to book a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon for the evening but they were fully booked. So when I planned to go this time I made sure that I  booked this a few days in advance just to make sure i was not disappointed. 

I have previously heard a lot about Cubana, it was all good things. People were complementing the food and the cocktails, which is a right up my street as who doesn't love good food? I am rubbish with choices, I struggle on a regular basis of deciding what I want for tea. So Tapas is a good idea for when you can't decide as you can try as many as dishes as you like. I wasn't a huge fan of sharing tapas before as I thought it was about sharing just one prawn or one meatball but I heard that Cubana are really generous on the portions and take this into consideration the table size when providing you with your dishes. 

There was so much choice on the menu so I was glad i didn't have to choose just the one dish to have. It was exciting as you could also try dishes you weren't so sure about as you wouldn't need to commit your whole meal to it, encase you didn't like it. We decided on two meat dishes and two seafood and a side to share. This I felt was plenty of me as was able to try all of the dishes and not feel like I was ready to explode or feel uncomfortable.

We decided to have  Calamares a la andaluza, lightly fried squid. This is and was a huge favorite of mine, its so easy to make bad calamari as it can be a little soggy or too crispy. This calamari was delicious, my only gripe was that it did not come with any sauce so I did have to ask for some mayonaise to dip them into. Next was the Gambas tigres, tiger prawns in a filo pastry. These were so light and tasty, I do wish I had these a starter rather than a main tapas side as they were so light. Thirdly was Costillas, pork spare ribs in a orange and barbecue sauce. I loved these ribs as they were in a orange and barbecue sauce this was a twist on the usual ribs which I have eaten before. They were a nice size so did not leave me a complete mess which is perfect for messy eaters like me. Then was Cordero en vino tinto, lamb in red wine and onions. This was my favorite tapas dish! I love the sauce, I wish I could have had more of this as it was so yummy. I am going to be making a trip back soon just to try this again. I love how tender the lamb was and how tasty the red wine sauce was, if I had some mash it would have been perfect for a Sunday roast. Finally was a side dish of Patatas mansas, fried potatoes with a garlic mayonnaise dip. This complemented the dishes so well and was great for dipping into the red wine sauce. 

The food was a a big thumbs up from me! I am already planning my next visit and to try to the lamb all over again. Are you fan of tapas? 

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