Garnier Ultimate Blends - The Sleek Perfector Oil


I have been meaning to post about this for a while now, it was my hair saviour while I was on holiday back in July. As my hair can get really dry The sleek perfector oil  is perfect for popping moisture back into my hair. I love how this product can have many uses, I know multi-use products have many uses because they aren't that good of a product but this i think is! I pop this in my hair between washes when my ends are starting to look really dry and in need some moisture. I also apply this when I have just washed my hair as sometimes I feel even when using a conditioning mask my hair does need some kind of oil or serum.

This product smells amazing, I love anything coconut on my hair as I feel the smell lasts longer and who doesn't want people telling your hair smells nice! I have been using this since July daily and it is my go to product everyday.  Even though I have been using this daily there is still half of the bottle left, as a little does really go along way.

When I was on holiday my sister fell in love with this too, she loved how she could apply this when we were being lazy around the pool. As the product isn't messy you can just pop this into your beach bag and whip this out when you need to apply this to your hair.

I haven't really used a oil before as I worried it would make my hair look greasy like a grease ball but this really doesn't do this. Even when I have popped an extra pump in my hand and onto my hair you can't tell, it just needs more rubbing into the ends of your hair. One thing which I have yet to try with this product is the 'wet' look, I am unsure if i would be able to pull this off on a night out but I feel that this product may work really well as it is good for ensuring the sleek look.

So, I am a top fan of this product and it was worth me spending my Boots points on. I really want to try the nourishing repairer products in the ultimate blends range too.

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