Fruition Hair Demo Night


Last week I attended the Fruition Hair and demo night as this was a Sheffield event I jumped at the chance to pop along. The event was hosted by Fruition Hair in Sheffield, I love going along to Sheffield events and meeting fellow bloggers and brands. I find that everyone is so friendly and always up for a chat. 

The event was at Revolucion De Cuba, which is just off from West Street. I have lived in Sheffield for a year now and I still don't realise how many bars and things they are on that road.  I was excited about going to Revolucion De Cuba as I had heard any good things.  It has a Latin American, Carribean vibe with plenty of rum and some yummy smelling and looking food. 

The event was relaxed and chilled where i was able to meet Georgina a fellow Sheffield blogger again. Georgina also gave me a makeover as I was eager for her to show me her skills in contouring. She also shared her make up tips and tricks with me as she was applying my make up so she talked me through everything she was doing. As I have not had had my make up or any kind of makeover before I unsure if i was would find this a little uncomfortable but Georgina helped me relax and made me feel like a million dollars. 

I was asked if I wanted a massage from the Relaxation Den and who turns down a free massage? I love getting my hair stroked or played with I find it really relaxing and therapeutic so i jumped at the chance of a scalp massage. Afterwards I felt all my tensions and stresses had been realised and i was ready for a hot bath and my bed. After the scalp massage I did have bed hair, which is the reason why my hair is looking so shocking in all of the photos.  My friend Von had an Indian massage which looked amazing, I might have to try that one next time. As me and my friend Von were the first ones to volunteer for a massage we were given a free twenty minute voucher, could this have gone any better?

There are already talks of the next event as this one was so successful, which I am super excited for. I mean who doesn't want to be treated like a princess on a  Monday night?
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  1. You look super lovely Kirstie! No one can turn down a night of pampering surely?! ;) xx

  2. I was so excited to find out about this event then I had to work the day it was held I was gutted! I've recently had a consultation with kerri from fruition hair and she's absolutely lovely! booking in with her soon! glad you enjoyed the event wish I could have been there!! xxx