For Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length


£7.99 Here

I have turned into a huge fan of Lee Stafford products, i never was until a few months ago my mum was singing and dancing about her new Lee Stafford hair dryer Here. I must admit it is not a brand i had previously used or read many reviews about. My mum had loved her hair dryer and also had tried the heat protector products and had loved how they made her hair feel after using them. Me and my mum do have similar hair, a little damaged from colouring and styling so i thought this would also be great to use on my own hair.

As you have previously heard me bang on about how i am struggling big time with my hair at the moment. It is not in the best condition and it just isn't growing! I have hopes and dreams of having long, healthy locks but it just isn't happening #prayforkirstieshair?

(In my dreams) 

This product works by fertilizing your roots with follicles, to allow your stands of hair the to have the best start in life. This is perfect for my hair as i have stopped colouring my hair so this will make sure fresh untreated strands can be in top condition and wont break or snap off. This then will allow your hair to grow in length. As this product works on your scalp it provides a better anchoring for the roots - then reducing hair loss. In turn this then should make your hair feel more voluminous and healthy looking. 

You are meant to use this product weekly until hair you notice an improvement to your locks and then once weekly. I have used this twice a week and i can say i have noticed the texture to my hair has changed, it has a shine and it feels so soft. Unfortunately i don't yet hair like Rapunzel but i do think it has grown! It isn't a miracle cure overnight but it certainty does help hair growth and for £7.99 i will be grabbing another pot when it does run out.

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  1. I NEED this!
    I recently had an 'incident' where I bleached my hair white blonde.... some fell out, the rest needed cutting to WAY above my shoulders due to the damage. Hopefully now I've repaired the damage I can make it grow! Thank you <3

    Forever Rebecca xx

    1. Your hair sounds similar to mine and it has worked a treat! Give it a go!

  2. I use this it's so good! It's on 3 for £12 in Boots at the minute. I made sure to stock up :) x