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Here i am again with a second outfit post from my holiday, i know what you are all thinking. I hardly do outfit posts and here i am with two! I think it a great excuse to show off my tan. This photo was taken half way through the holiday, so excuse the slightly lobster colour of my skin. 

This photo was taken outside our apartments while i was waiting for the others to get ready. I love going out for nights out when your on holiday as you don't need to worry about needing a coat or waiting in the queue in the rain to get into a nightclub. 

One thing that does suffer from the heat is my hair, as you may know already me and my hair are not the best of friends at the moment. I had to double beach my hair back in April, this was due to my roots going orange. I know double bleaching is a big no no but there was no way i could live with orange hair. Since the double bleaching my spilt ends are a nightmare, i have already had my hair cut short to try to help the condition but they do seem to be coming back with vengeance. This meant for the holiday i did ned to have a headscarf or a head accessory to keep my hair away from the sun and to detract from the condition of my hair. 

Kimono £19.99 similar here , Top £14.99 here, Levis £19.95 here, Shoes £9.99 here, Headband (Topshop sale £2.00)

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