Afternoon With Short Lashes

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I have been super busy lately so I have felt I have neglected my blog. i thought a good way to make it up to everyone by doing a mini vlog. Then you can have a nosey into my Sunday afternoon. The vlog is not very long as i wanted this to be trial run for a few things that i have planned for my holiday. I am hoping to make a few vlogs, rather than lots of photos in one post which sometimes can be a little boring. 

This weekend I headed back to my Mum's, I have not been home in almost a month so I was very excited to see the fam and my cat Benji. All most a month is a very long time for me as I usually head home most weekends. The weekend was chilled, no real plans just seeing where the weekend took us. I have been busy with overtime at work and I have been fitting in two hour gym sessions so I did feel my blog had to go to the back burner a little. So a weekend of relaxing and just chilling is exactly what I needed. 

My sister and I first headed to see my Nan, who was meant to be comming shopping but when we got there she was flaked out on the sofa because it was too hot, so she had to give shopping a miss. Me and sister then headed to out local TKMaxx, we still had to get a few bits and bobs for holiday and I know TKMaxx do some lovely summer pieces. Sadly I did leave empty handed, I find now I have dropped a few sizes I just don't know what suits me anymore. All my old clothes seem to look like bags and that's fine for days when you do need a floaty dress and a elsaxted waist band but not when you have just lost two stone. 

After TKMaxx we then headed back to my Nan's and did a bit of sun bathing to get my pre-tan ready for my holiday next week.  So that made my post really short, I did enjoy making my little vlog and I am looking to making a few for my holiday. 
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