Smoke Sheffield

Last night after work i went to Smoke in Sheffield, i have previously heard good things about Smoke so i knew i was going to be in for a treat. We booked to go from work, when we arrived it was empty so we was unsure why we did book as there was plenty of tables going free but this soon changed as  i looked around again a little later and the place was full.

I knew what to expect, MEAT and plenty of it. We were sat next to the kitchen so we could the meat being cooked, which made us drool just watching. When we arrived we were given the menu, as a bad chooser i had already looked at the menu. The menu had a really simple format so i was able to choose quickly my baby back ribs, double cooked chips and coleslaw (my diet did really go out of the window).

When the food arrived i was surprised by the size of the portions, the food is served on baking trays and it was full. I did manage to finish the lot, i think i did myself proud. I did have a serious food baby afterwards but i do think it was worth it. I would recommend next time wearing something with an elastic waist band just so you can breathe afterwards.

They also did cocktails and beers too, i had an O' Hara's ice tea and it went perfectly with a plate full of meat! My friend had beers but i find that beers make me too full when I'm eating food but they do these in 1/2 a pint and two pint pitchers.

This was only my first time at Smoke but i think i would be going back to try the pulled pork burger, as my friend had this and it looked pretty yummy.  I have just looked on the website and they do a Man Vs Food challenge, i think i could definitely give this a go!
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  1. Ahh I love this place so sad to move home.. The s'mores were amazing so was the platter .. Graze inn will always be my fave although relish is pretty nice for a cheaper version of smoke BBQ :)xx

  2. I'm off to smoke next Saturday I seriously can't wait I'm not eating all day haha! The food looks a-mazing! :) x

  3. Oh my gosh this looks amazing! I want to go <3