Apro Tops #2 *

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This morning before i headed to the gym i thought i would have another Apro Top's breakfast. I wanted to have something which would keep me going until after my gym session, so it had be healthy and full of yummy goodness.

This morning i thought i would mix things up a little so i switched the yoghurt, i was excited to try the strawberry and rhubarb. I thought this would be right up my street as i love things that are sweet in the morning, i have a real sweet tooth. I added a handful of grapes which i sliced in half, muesli and topped it with dried mango. I felt that compared to my previous attempt this one was a winner! I loved the sweetness of this and i felt the mango went really well with the strawberry and rhubarb yoghurt.

This was so quick and easy to make, it is perfect if you are in a rush as i always tend to be. For work on monday i am going to be making these before work and taking them along with me. I think this will then help me bring breakfast back into my morning routine.

This morning has brought on my creative thinking, i am off to buy a smoothie maker today to help me make more creations for Apro Tops. As a smoothie in this lovely sunshine is a perfect cool down drink. If you are stuck for inspiration then head over to the website where they have plenty of recipes to mix up your breakfast or yoghurt treats Here.

*This is a PR sponsored post
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