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A few months ago i started on the road to have a beach body, this has been something i have been doing since march. I gradually cut down on unhealthy snacks and then i introduced exercise into my life. This is something that i struggle with big time as i have a desk job and when i finish work i don't get up to anything strenuous.

I have stuck to my 4 day a week gym routine and healthy meals every week night, with the occasional unhealthy treat at the weekend. I have really stuck to this as it is manageable with work and the meals I cook are quick and easy to do. The one with i struggle with is breakfast, this is something which i rarely go out of my way to eat or to make something in the morning. This is usually because i go through phases of breakfast cereal or shakes. I have been already been having a Slimfast with blended fruit in the morning but i felt this was not really benefiting my healthy eating as, slim fast shakes taste like milkshake so i don't really feel like i'm having a meal so an hour later i am feeling hungry again.

When i discovered Apro yoghurts i though this was a perfect alternative to my shakes and would be easy to make with fruit and seeds. I love seeds and yoghurt so this was right down my street for breakfast. I had this in the morning and it kept me going right until lunch time, which was a first as i usually need a piece of fruit about 10am to perk up my energy.

The first combination i choose was vanilla Apro yoghurt, a kiwi, a handful of pecans and goji berries. This was yummy, i was tempted to add some honey to sweeten things up but i after a taste i felt like i did not need it. There are so many combinations that you can choose from so you can mix this up so you don't become bored of your breakfast.

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