Short Lashes... Talks First Dates

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If you follow/ stalk me on twitter you will already know that i went on a date last week. This is a post which i have not talked about before, my dates or previous dates that i have been on but i think it will be a good to share with you all.  Last year i went a on a good few dates and didn't really have much luck so this year i thought i would give up on it all. 

First dates can either go really well and you find a connection straight away or they can be the most uncomfortable and awkward few hours of you life. I believe there is a lot of things you will be thinking or do unconsciously on a first date and this is based on if the date is going well or not. I think when you first meet someone, blind date or a first real date you will know instantly if you fancy them and you are going to be getting along with them or there is a 'spark'. I think this is true will all of my dates, within seconds i have already made my mind up on if we have a connection or not. This does make me sound really shallow as a person but i think it is really true. Within a minute of meeting someone you will know if you already want to run to make the next train or your planning on where this might go. 

I think when i really like someone i tend to be really shy and really quiet with the person at first. This makes me the worse date ever until i have had a few glasses of wine inside me. When i am unsure about my date i tend to be more talkative and more likely to be opinionated on things and a little abrupt with things. I have noticed this a lot, i am unsure why i do this. I am tying to give my date a bad impression?

The best indication to tell if a date is going well or not is the idea of a another drink after the meal or the bottle. If the date is going really well, i usually find my date will offer another drink or a desert or something. When the date is not going that well i think the best thing is to decline the offer for another drink or another course of the meal (as whats the point in dragging something out?). 

By the end of the night you will know if you are going to see the person again or not. Are you already planning on how to make up excuses for the next date? On a date which ended really badly once we ended by saying 'it was nice meeting you' both knowing we would never see or speak to each other again. So it got me thinking it is better to be honest and tell your tell date it wasn't what you expected or end on good terms?

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