Short Lashes Goes Car Booting

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Most weekend me and sister go to a craft fair but this week as it was bad weather, we fancied a change. Craft fairs are a great way to meet fellow crafty people but sometimes they can be a little hit and miss depending on the weather. So we decided to go to a car boot, i have been to a fair few before s i knew what to expect. We went to the Muckley Corner, which was about twenty minutes drive in the car from my Mums house.

As car boots start really early we had to be there and set up for 6am, this was a shock to the system as i had set my alarm for 5am. This was rubbish timing just as my little sister was getting in from a night out i was heading out to a car boot. This shows how fun my social life really is! We loaded up the car and arrived a little after 6am but people were setting up and there were a few people looking around.

After we unloaded the car things started to pick up, people were really keen to catch a bargain. I learnt that the trick was to start the price a little higher so when you do get bargained down it wont be too far from what you were expecting someone to pay. As i was only selling mine and my sisters old clothes i wasn't planning on making millions just a little profit for my holiday in June.

After a while, when i started not feeling my toes i went for a walk around and to look at the other stalls. I realised there was potential to grab some real bargains. We managed to grab a suitcase and two holdhall bags for £2, which me and my sister we shocked about how cheap they were.

This purse was only 50p, i have been looking for a leather vintage purse for months now.

The day was a huge success! It did finish a little early at 11am and it was meant to finish at 2pm but we felt it was time to call it a day as we were starting to need a nap and some warmth. We are already planning the next car boot for next week and already raiding my mums wardrobe.

    Have you been to a car boot before or do you have any a top tips for car booting?

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