Middleton Hall Craft Fair March

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I have previously blogged about this before but as it is such a great event i thought i would share this with you again Here. Middleton Hall holds a craft fair once a month, it is usually the last Sunday of the month. It is such a great event where you can meet other crafters and their wonderful creations.

The event is held in a old country Hall, based in Tamworth. They have a Facebook page Here. The event is a craft fair so there are plenty of crafty people showing off their creations on their stalls. The stalls are all inside the court yard of the hall or inside the hall itself. This is perfect for a rainy day as the stalls are all undercover but once the weather picks up they all will be inside.  On the grounds of the hall are some lovely views, i didn't have much chance to take advantage of these as i was helping out my sister but i am hoping when the weather picks up i will go on a walk around the grounds.

There are all kinds of stalls at Middelton but these are usually craft stalls and food. I loved the range of the craft stalls as there were card crafts, crochet stalls, vintage crafts and recyclable crafts (which was made from old knifes and forks). I love this as you can find different inspirations from people, also perfect if you are looking for something unusual for a gift. This was last weekend, so it was perfect for Mother's Day for last minute presents.

I loved the atmosphere at this event, everyone was friendly and telling stories about their stalls. This was really interesting talking to other stall holders and listening how they came to Middleton Hall and how they first started. I think this was great inspiration for my sister who has been crafting for a few months now. The event had a really community feel to it as everyone was so helpful with unpacking and packing away of the stalls.

My sisters Facebook page Here, so if something does take your fancy then please contact her and she will be more than happy to help. She can make custom orders, so they can be altered and made slightly different if you wish.

This is a heavy photo post but i felt the only way to blog about this was to show you and as they say picture can tell a 100 words.

 Do you know of any other craft fairs in your area?
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