Happy Bargin'

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This week was a my little sisters 18th birthday, i say little but she is 18. As the is the youngest i do still think she is about 12 in my head, but i think that is because i still consider myself to be about 14. As it was her 18th we were thinking of doing something completely different to what we have done before. My sister has a strange interest in locks and canal boots, so we thought a day out on a barge would be perfect for her.

We looked around for local marinas and we decided to hire a boat through Ashby boats as this was reasonably priced and only a twenty minute drive from my mums house. When we started planning this i didn't realise there were so many things to consider, which canal would we go on, which direction would be head in, where would we stop and more importantly who was doing to driving?

We had the barge for a day so this gave us plenty of time to stop off a pub for a pub lunch and to have a drive up the canal. We had a demonstration on how to drive the boat, it did seem fairly easy but once we got going down the canal we realised it was not as easy as it seemed. The driving was pretty stressful, i didn't really enjoy driving the boat as i felt it was really hard to do as the direction you moved the boat was opposite direction you told it to go in. I did leave the driving of the boat to everyone else as i didn't want to crash or sink the boat. If i was going to be going again i think i would try to drive the boat when the canal is a little wider so there is no chance of me hitting anything.

The weather was really hot, so this was perfect for sunbathing on the boat. We went along the canal and stopped at a pub who said they 'didn't serve kiddie cider' which was any cider which had any fruit in it. We then headed in a different direction along the canal. When we headed in the different direction we realised that this way there was allot more BOATS, this meant you have to move to the right of the canal but as you move to the right the canal gets shallow and we ended up getting stuck and having to use a stick to push us off the canal bank.

It was a long day but my sister loved it, i felt it would be good to hire out for a long weekend or something. I think if the weather was a little miserable this would ruin your day as you have to be outside steering and driving the boat. You do need to plan your day and consider when you are going to be stopping and when you will need to turn around as otherwise you will run out of time.

This is my mums attempt at a selfie also why you should never leave your camera unattended. Have you ever been on a barge before?
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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you have a fantastic time!