The Golden Egg

As we all know i am a lover of bath bombs, i have finally used my Christmas bath bombs so i popped into Lush on Friday to stock up. At the moment they have Mothers Day and Easter bath bombs which are perfect for gifts for loved ones. I love the new bath bombs that Lush bring out every season it keeps me interested in the products.

I stumbled over The Golden Egg Here. This does look as it sounds AMAZING. It was shining at me, ready for me to pick it up and take it to the till. The egg is very golden and within minutes my hands and purse was covered in glitter. This did make me very self conscious for the rest of the day as i was paranoid of the glitter ending up on face. When i was in the job i did attempt to wipe this of my hands but there was no chance of all the glitter coming off my hands.

When i dropped this into the bath i was a little disappointed as it did fizz a little but nothing else. Whereas compared to the other bath bombs and bubble bars there did tend to be more action in the bath. My sister said the egg looked like a potato and i can see her point!

Overall i loved this bomb, i loved the coca butter smell once the bomb had dissolved. The bomb was very glittery so i was worried i could come out of the bath looking like a Christmas bubble but the glitter tended to stay in the bath and i was left with soft feeling sick and feeling completely relaxed.

Have you tried The Golden Egg?

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  1. Where is your bath picture?! I need to see it in the bath glittering away! :)

    Been tempted to pick this one up, in Lush today I got the glitter all over my coat :(

    1. There is one on my instagram but it kinda looked like a potato in the bath.

      I know its still all over my purse from where i picked it up! xxx