Short Lashes...... Guide to Shopping in Charity Shops

Here is another slightly unusual post one where i tend to give out more advice. I know this is a dangerous and scary thing to do as i never listen to my own advice or take it on board. I thought i would share with you my tips on shopping in charity shops.

I must admit this is something a few years ago i thought i would never be doing, shopping in charity shops but i think a lot has changed now. I feel like it has became more popular to do so and people are taking charity shops more seriously. Two years ago would have never wanted to been seen in a charity shops as i thought there was nothing for me in there, i believed everything was poor quality and items ready for the bin. I think now you can find some real hidden gems, this is something which i am happy to tell people that i brought from a charity shop. As i think i am not only helping a charity but i am also going to wearing something which is not your usual high street buy.

I think the image of charity shops has changed allot since shops such as Cow came along and they really pushed vintage clothing. I do tend to find Cow tends to be expensively priced and only slightly altered, so i have tended to steer away from shops that. As i feel you can buy clothing from charity shops and alter them yourself if needs be at cheaper and affordable prices. I do think that Cow does give me plenty of inspiration for what to look out for in charity shops so i do tend to keep up with there current stock.

I think when shopping in charity shops my top tip is to check the quality of the clothing. This is a biggie as you don't want a product which is missing buttons or (look at this) only will have a few wears out of them. Check the seams of the products and check for any holes. This way you will find a product which is worth the money and real bargain.

Check the sale section. This sounds really odd, as if charity shops can get any cheaper but they do. Sometimes charity shops have these huge sales and everything is a £1, this can be for a few hours or just for the day but in that time you can find some real gems.

Check the vintage section, this is my favorite part. In PSDA and British Heart Foundation shops they have a special section for vintage. This is usually where i head to first and usually where i find something which i love. I love this as it is one of items which sometimes are known brands and one which may have story behind them.

Ask, if you are looking for a beach bag or a bag in a certain color ask the shop assistant. Most charity shops have a stock room that they are sorting through or what is waiting to go on the shop floor. If you don't ask you wont get (as my mum used to say). They might be a chance they don't have what you are looking for or that you are looking in the wrong place but if you don't ask you might be going away empty handed and missing out.

Look out for books, i this something which i have only just started doing. As my holiday is approaching i am starting to build up my book collection. Most charity shops have book deals, like buy one get one free or three for pound. Which is a complete bargain as i would spend around £7 pounds on a new book, only to read the once and you can donate it back again if you don't enjoy the book. If you are odd like me who likes the smell of old books then you are in for a treat!

Visit regularly, stock changes on a daily basis this is due to donations being received daily so charity shops will try to get the stock out as soon as possible. The majority of my buys are when the stock has just been put onto the shop floor, it was like it was just waiting for me to pop in and buy it. I do tend to pop into my local charity shop at least once a week, as you never know what is waiting for you.

DONATE! This is a biggie! I think charity shops stock is only a good as we make it so have a look in your wardrobe, what haven't you wore in years and is excellent quality for someone else to make the most of. Charity shops are always asking for donations so would really love appreciate you popping along with your unwanted buys.
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  1. Good tips. My biggest tip would be to treat everything for moths when you get home, stick the clothes in a freezer for over 48 hours, wash them as hot as they can be washed and then freeze them again. I lived with housemates who bought vintage clothes and clothes from charity shops and we ended up with a moth infestation. NOT GOOD! It's easier to try and prevent them than get rid of them.

  2. Love this! I've always shopped in charity shops, my aunty runs one so I tend to get first pick of the items when I go and see her. It's true that attitudes are now changing, people used to mock me for wearing 'dirty' clothes but now people are always jealous of my charity shop bargains! Also it's essential that people do donate back, it's really sad to see charity shops having to close due to lack of donations.
    One other tip I'd add would be to make an effort to talk to the staff, once a lovely lady in a charity shop put a few things aside for me simply because the previous week I'd been saying what I was looking for!

    Brilliant post,thanks!