Healthy Start for Short Lashes #1

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About a month ago i decided to get my act together and get healthy. I mean really get my act together, none of this half hearted attempt to loose a few pounds, a real lifestyle change. I have been thinking this for a while now but i really do find it hard to motivate my self and do anything about it until now. I have recently booked a holiday with my three favorite chums, so this is the perfect motivation to sort myself out.

Just over two years go i lost a good stone and half and i felt amazing, well not that  amazing but i felt more confident with my body. I didn't really much effort into loosing any weight i just cut down on my portions and on my snack food. I found this really easy to do as i was at university so i had plenty of distractions to take my mind of snack food and less time fantasing about a KFC or a McDonalds. As i now have plenty of free time, it means i have more time to think about food and eat more.

I wouldn't really consider my diet to be that unhealthy, i think that just make the wrong choices sometimes and my portions are a little excessive. This is something i struggle with as i am usually cooking for one so my plate turns into a mountain of food. The big problem is tea time, the meal at the night time. Some people refer to this as dinner but to me its TEA, okay?  I suck big time with inspiration of what to cook, i tend to go through phases with food so i will have fajitas for four days straight or sweet potato and fish cake for weeks. 

I started this by little steps, by walking home from work, which is about a 45 minute walk everyday. I liked this i felt that it chilled me out after my day at work and i loved walking through the city after work. I did this for a week or so but i felt like i still wanted more exercise in my routine so i started walking around the park. I did this a couple of times and i loved it. I tracked my progress on the RunKeeper app, so i could see how many calories i have burned each time. I knew if i kept this up i then join a gym and then things would get serious. 

About three weeks ago i joined a gym. This is a gym in the city center, which is perfect for me as i can go when i finish work. I knew if i went home before i went to the gym would end up sitting down and not moving for the rest of the night. I have been able to put this into my routine and it is something which i have really stuck to, i tend to go to the gym four nights a week and i do 45 minutes cardio. 

I don't really weigh myself as i am doing this until i feel more confident with my body and not to say 'look i have a stone'. I do think it is really encouraging tracking your weight loss but i just don't feel like this for me as i don't have any scales and i don't know much i weighed to start with. I set myself goals, my first goal was to get back into jeans, which i can now do! It feels so odd wearing jeans again after wearing tights and black trousers. My next goal is to get into an old dress and then next step is for me to try my old swimwear. I think this then will keep me really motivated to loose weight and become more healthy.

For my meals i tend to stick to the same foods again but i have cut down my portions big time. I do still snack but its on healthy things like nuts or fruit. I have cut carbohydrates out of my evening meals as i feel like i don't really need them, as i don't do anything too enticing after i finish work anyway. I have started eating breakfast and not just breakfast biscuits which are really high in sugar but yoghurt and garnola. I think this has helped allot as now i find myself not snacking in the morning and i feel like i have more energy for the day.

A big thing which has really helped is my sister, my sister is also coming on holiday with me so we both are trying to get into shape. We both are doing similar things so we have discussions about how like she has been at the gym for or what she has eaten for tea. As i don't have a gym buddy this has helped as it has allowed me to 'gym talk' with her. 

A month in and i can feel myself already feeling better about my body. I think i just need to keep at it as my holiday gets closer and closer i think it will spur me on. Do you have any tips for me or any healthy recipes?

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  1. good job! keep up with it! I've been all into working out for more than a year now and it's the best. I also got a bike and longboard recently and this helps me to keep fit and have fun at the same time, so my cardio is pretty much covered. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week for strength exercising and weigh lifting only.

    you should check out Jillian Mitchel's 30-day-shred on youtube if you'd like to start doing some extra exercising at home.