Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

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This is a product which i have been wanting to try for a while now, i have seen a few bbloggers have picked this up and given it a try. I thought i would give it a go and see if it sorted my skin out. My skin is not its best lately so i have been trying different techniques to see if i can get my skin back onto top form. So when i saw that Garnier Micellar Water was on offer at Superdrug  i had to give this a try, it was £3.32 so a third off the RRP.

I have been trying to be really good with money this month so this is the only beauty product i have brought and i almost needed it because of how bad my skin has been lately. I did end up buying this with my Superdrug points so it didn't cost be a penny, so who can argue with that. 

I have been using this twice a day for three days now and i love it! I previously used hot cleansers so i ended up with dirty muslim cloths and i felt my skin never really felt that clean once i have wiped my skin once with the cloth. With this product you use a cotton wool pad, which i usually have knocking around in my bathroom cubbboard anyway. What i loved the most about this product i can use this on my eyes and my skin as it didn't make my eyes sore and my skin greasy. As previously i have used cleansers around my eyes as it made them very sore or it was really watery so made my skin really greasy after applying the product.

I usually take my make up off after work and use it again in the morning so my skin is nice and refreshed for the day. I am not sure if its this product has really helped my skin this week or my skin is gradually getting better but i have noticed a big difference with my pores, they are less noticeable now. I think it is also perfect for late nights so you can pop it next to your bed and take your make up off before you nod off to sleep. Which i have started doing before i head out for a night out as often i will stumble back to my room and the last thing i usually want to do it to stand the bathroom and do my usual skincare routine. 

The product does claim to last 200 uses, i must admit i do need to use three squeezes for every application. I may be using a little too much so i think for me i don't think it would be lasting 200 uses but at £3.32 i think it's a great buy and when i run out i will be popping back to Superdrug. 

Have you used this product before? 
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1 comment

  1. I recently purchase this and love it! I like it much more than using classing lotion to take away my makeup!