#ShfTar #2

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Last week i attend #ShfTAR, this was the second of #ShfTar. The first one i attended back in November, you can see my first post here. I was looking forward to this event as i loved the first one. It is a chilled out evening where you get to meet Sheffield tweeters, ones who you already tweet so putting a face to the twitter name and brand new tweeters who i have not previously tweeted or spoken to.

The event was hosted at Fitzwilliam and West, which is just off West Street.  This is somewhere i have not been to previously so it was a great opportunity to get see some familiar faces and find somewhere new to eat and drink. It was last soggy Thursday, i decided to take the bus so i could have a few drinks while i was there. When i arrived we were provided with name badges, this does sound a little cringey but i did feel it provided a great talking point when i was mingling and chatting to people. As people either tried to read my name or they asked me and i pointed to it.

Fitzwilliam and West had such a cosy feel to it, the lights were dim so the atmosphere was nice and chilled, this was perfect for a wet and cold Thursday night. We had canopies at the event, these were lovely. My favourite was the scotch eggs, i loved how it had a runny yolk.  We also had different types of sausages, these we perfect for dipping into the sauces.

I was surprised with the amount of new faces at the event, i felt like it has grown since the first one. People were commenting on how good the event was and how they will be attending the next one. I also meet a few people who read my blog, this was such a shock to me as its not people who i follow. I have met people who read it but i usually know they do by the comments and the tweets i receive from them. This has made me feel so much more confident about my blog now from the comments i received, i feel like its heading in the right direction.

I think the event is a great way for meeting new tweeters as i don't feel like there are enough Sheffield events going on . All the events i get invited to are in Leeds or Manchester and they are little bit too far away for a week day night out. I can't wait for the next one, i am hoping we get to see some more new faces along with some familiar ones.

Here is a cheeky selfie i took before going out, well i wouldn't be a bblogger if i didn't show off my make-up for the night. I am also wearing my new glasses for the night, i love how i have a couple of pairs now i can mix and match them with my outfits.

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