Middleton Hall

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I have been to Middleton hall a handful of times now, i can't believe i have only just discovered this place for Christmas. It is only a ten minute drive from my mums house so its really convent to get to for an afternoon out. Imagine this is great in the summer as there is some outside seating so it would be perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine.

I first popped along when it was the Christmas craft fair, it was very popular. The queue to get into the hall was all the way back to the drive as previously they have charged for entry and not for car. This is to fund the costs of repairing the hall as it most ran by volunteers.  There was various rooms with different stalls, mixture of craft, food and gifts. This was perfect to pick up any last minute stocking fillers.

Inside the house there is a bar and they served mulled apple juice and apple cider. It is perfect to warm you upside. By the bar there is a nice roaring fire which really builds character to the house and its a perfect excuse to sit in the bar all day. There is also a small cafe which sells sandwiches and cake, it has an old fashioned dinning tables and chairs. There is a Robert Peel exhibition upstairs in the hall where you can learn all about the history of the hall and who used to live there. I felt this really brought the hall to life, imagine who once lived in the house.

The hall has grounds also surrounding the building, i have yet to explore these but i imagine in the summer time these would be brilliant for strolls in the sunshine. I know they also hold summer fares so i will be popping along to these in the summer. The hall also has surrounding out houses, inside them was more stalls. The food stalls tended to be outside, so as you went outside you got all the smells mixing together so your nose can lead the way. There is also a few shops, a cake shop, a cafe and a vintage shop. These are perfect for little gift ideas for birthday presents i think as a lot of them are handmade so it won't be anything you can find on the high street.

As i have mentioned previously on my blog my sister her own craft and vintage stall, so we thought as this was only a ten minute drive away it would a good opportunity for my sister to have a stall there. This was not as big as the Christmas fare as there was only two of the hall's rooms open but the day was a great success still. It was a fairly chilly day, so i think for my next fare with my sister I'm gonna wrap up warm with layers.

The hall as a really nice community feel to it, everyone helped each other set up the stalls and pack away. At the end the day the manager brought us all some soup to warm up all up, it was greatly appreciated as it went down a treat.

Overall its a great family day out, i can't wait to see what the grounds are like in the summer. It would be perfect dog walks and summer strolls. It perfect for a budget saturday day out as the only cost is for the car park and I'm sure it will keep you busy for hours. There is always something happening at the hall so have a look at the website Here.

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