Dating Rules...... By Short Lashes

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As valentines day is fast approaching i thought i would do a post all about dating. This is something which i haven't really blogged about before. I think there are many hidden rules to dating, if its a blind date, online dating or friends turning into more than friends dating. It is fair to say i have been on a fair amount of dates with a few disasters along the way.  I have been on and off dating since i was 14, thats a good 8 years worth of dating. I haven't been single for all of that time as there have been a few successful dates along the way.

The first rule which i think it the biggest date no no, is talking about your ex on a date. In no circumstances is this acceptable. I once when on a date where he talked about his ex for half of the date, he tried to make a joke out of this by saying 'Ohh, you're not meant to talk about your ex on a date are you' but he carried on telling me how they broke up and how amazing she was. This was awkward as the last thing a girl wants is hearing about is your ex, how great your were together and how she left you brokenhearted. It is safe to say after that date i received a text saying 'I don't think I'm over my ex, sorry' REALLLY!!! I would have never have guessed that one.

That date then brings me onto my next rule, a girl shouldn't be forced to pay for the whole date. I really have no objection with going half and half, i think its only right on a date. Often i will go to pay half and guy have ended up paying or paying when i nip to the toilet or something. This rule was broken when one date has his card declined, he then went to the cash machine to realise he had no money! I then had to pay for the crap date hearing all about his ex girlfriend, he was not a keeper.

You should not get really drunk on dates, this gives a really bad impression. I must admit this is a rule i always break on dates, i think its because i liven up after a drink and nerves go. After a bottle of wine i tend to ramble on about myself and telling everyone my life story, so this is never a good sign.  When a date is going good though, i tend not to have a third drink if the date is going badly and make up an excuse to leave. When they are going well i ask for another glass of wine and the rambling starts... This has always led to a second date though, so i can't be too bad after a drink.

Do, make an effort with your appearance for your date. It's nice to look like you have made an effort and it makes you feel better about yourself. I always do my nails and wash my hair, this is to make sure that i look my best and i feel the most confident. I have been on a date once where someone made no effort what so ever, we met after work on day and he looked like he had made no effort what so ever. My date had a dirty t-shirt on and it made me feel like i hadn't made an effort.

Do, try to get to know your date. One of the best dates i had it felt like he had remembered everything i had ever told him. It was great for conversations as i could build on things that i had already told him. On this date there was no awkward silences and it flowed nicely.. until we sat for three hours in silence watching a film. I think going to the cinema for a first date is a bad choice as you don't get to know your date at all, well apart from small talk in the queue and on the way home.

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