Wake Me Up


I thought i would share with you my new drugstore foundation. A few of my friends have already mentioned how good they thought this was for a drugstore beauty product. It is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation £6.99 Here, i have previously used Rimmel foundation before the Stay Matt and the 25 hour foundation. I thought these products were good value for money but i do enjoy trying different foundations on my skin to as i am trying to find the perfect foundation for me.

My friends said that they loved the way the product looked on their skin, they felt that this made their skin glow when applied. My little sister referred to this as a 'sparkly vampire', which i am not too sure if this is a good or bad point about the product. I have been using this product for two weeks now so i feel that now i can give the product a good overall review. I felt the product applied nice and evenly on my skin, without the product looking too heavy. I did feel that this was more of a daytime foundation as i did find the product did not last all day on my skin as the product needed re-applying towards the end of the day.

I think the product is perfect for when you have had a late night, so perfect for my dark bags under my eyes after a crazy night out. As it made my skin look fresh and have a healthy glow about it. For £6.99, i think this is an overall great product, its perfect for work and a daytime look. My skin has been pretty bad lately due to the weather and a few other things so i have had a few blemishes. I found this foundation did cover them well without clogging up my pores even further.

Overall, great value for money and will be re-purchasing again. So have you bbloggers tried this and what did you think?




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  1. Great post! I love this foundation, people say it looks really natural on me.

    1. Thanks Miss P, i think its a winner :D x

  2. Ahh i wish this foundation would work on my super oily skin :( xxx

  3. I love the look of this foundation for everyone but me. It didn't work with my oily skin, but I am glad it worked for you. Think it is one of those things which truly depends on the skin type!

    Kassie - www.styledevoured.com xx

  4. The blob on your hand looks a bit orangey to me but I'm pleasantly surprised at how nicely it blends in!

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog