The Rules of Living in a Shared House

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As you may or may not know, i live in a shared house with four strangers. When i first thought of the idea i thought this would be like living with four students again, well its not. It is completely different, it might be that my housemates are pretty busy so they tend to be out a lot. When i was a student i had so much free time and that was mostly spent watching day time telly. When you work monday to friday, 9-5 you soon realise there is not that much time in the day to do things. The simple things like have the time to book an eye test or pick up a prescription from the doctors, you soon realise how much your job takes over your life.

When i first looked around the house, i knew finding the right housemates was key to me finding somewhere to live. When i looked around the letting agent told me that everyone was social and i could even meet everyone before i decided to take the room. On that basis of what the agent told me i secured the room. I thought this meant that this was a really social house as they would be willing to meet new housemates before they moved in.

The day that i moved in i soon realised it wasn't anything like moving into student accommodation. Well... there was no fresher reps helping you take your things up the stairs and nobody was around as everyone was at work. After my sisters and my mum helped me move in they left me in Sheffield, my  Mum even said 'Are you going to be okay'. I didn't quite understand what she meant by this as in my eyes this was no different to moving to university. When i look back at this now i realise it is nothing like university, i have no twin sister coming along, i have a few friends here but no one who i have been chatting to who I'm going to live with.

After a few weeks i started to notice the hidden rules to living in a shared house, as i think this is completely different to living in halls or a house share. Well.. for start the rent is so much more expensive.

It's no longer acceptable to leave your washing up on the side until it starts turning into some kind of science experiment. After a month of living in the house, my housemate who has now moved out reported me to the landlord after i didn't wash up my breakfast bowl before work. I only left it unwashed while i was at work and there were plenty of other bowls and spoons he could use. After this the landlord took all of the plates and cutlery away, this would never happen in a student house. It is almost a competition who gives in first and washes the science experiment pots.

The house must be clean for when the cleaner comes, we have a fortnightly cleaner but she refuses to wash the pots, put the pots away, empty the bin, clean my room or clean the microwave. If we don't wash our pots we get ranting emails from the estate agent as this isn't her job. This is so bizarre to me, as surely this is her job. The kitchen is spotless on a daily basis as we all tidy all after ourselves, so i don't feel like there is a need for a cleaner as she doesn't clean much anyway.

You have to follow the bin collections, this is something i have never done before. As when i lived as a student our neighbours put out our bins or we had weekly collections. I soon realised when the bins pilled up after two missed collections that i must know which friday the bins must be outside the house for. Not forgetting the bins can't be out before 8pm and have to be out by 8am. Not forgetting the bin lid is slightly raised the bin collection men won't empty it, this really annoys me as if the bin is overflowing this then clearly shows that the bin does in fact need emptying.

Nobody watches the soaps anymore and if you do you look like a complete loser. I do enjoy a monday night watch the soaps, who doesn't? Catching up with Hollyoaks and Eastenders, i have done this since first year. All our us used to cram into one single room and huddle together to watch two hours worth of the soap, this continued until third year. So now as a daily soap watcher i thought this was acceptable but oh no.... apparently its only something that your mum does. So now when i hear my housemate walk through the door, i quickly switch the channel.

Everyone is coupled up my house so theres no chance of any awkward odd house sharing couples developing or any 'bed hoping' (i can't decide if thats the correct phrase), which can become very complicated. Everyone seems to be moving out and moving in with their partner, so it makes little old single me to be (in the words of beyonce) a independent Lady. Which to be honest, i am glad to be. I have decided i happier alone, deciding what i want rather than rushing into anything with anyone. Anyway who wants to play wifey when your 22! I am way to selfish now for anything else, i like not having to answer to anybody and doing what i like really.

You have to plan when you are going to do your wash. This is something i usually do very last minute when i realise i have no work clothes left. There is five of us the house and for some reason everyone likes to do a monday wash. Monday used to be my wash day, as i am usually away at the weekend and when i get back on a sunday it is usually too late to put a wash on. I have now been forced to do a wash on Tuesday, this i don't mind but i do try to get home early on a monday to sneak a 4pm wash in.

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