Crafty Weekend


I feel like i have barely blogged this weekend but i have been super busy, in a good way! I have been using my crafty self to make a few bits and bobs. I started being crafty over Christmas but i was a little stuck for ideas, i had plenty of materials but not enough inspiration.

I thought the best thing for me to was to wait for the ideas to follow, so here i am a few months later with a few of my creations. My mum for Christmas brought me a Boodles iPad case kit, Here. This is where you have the material and a crocheting hook and you follow a pattern to make the case. When i first opened the present i was not too sure if i was going make this but on Christmas day i ended up starting this and by boxing day my creation was made.

I must admit, i do struggle to follow patterns. This is partly because i don't understand them, they are like in a different language and because i want mine to be different and not like a typical make-and-do creation.

I was pretty impressed with my creation, i even had a little bit of material left i can use this to make something else. After i made this i started to think what else i could make with this material as its really thick material and not just wool which i usually use there are lots of opportunity to make different things. 

I ventured to Hobbycraft in search of some more Boodles material, i wanted to go for a different colour as i don't think the bright pink was particularly me. I noticed they did different kinds of patterns, i decided to make a basket using the peachy colour material. I must admit this is not yet finished as i need to make the lid for the basket, i thought i could use this to store my rings and loose bits of jewellery. 

So there is my second creation using Boodles, i think this is a fairly new brand as it is something that i haven't heard of previously. I think the material is good quality and it is a good gift for a crafty friend or relative. After i finished this basket i am thinking of making more baskets maybe with two colours.

Have you ever used Boodles before?
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  1. Oh wow! I've been looking everywhere for the perfect iPad case but i never thought about knitting one...might have to give it a go! :) x

  2. I love chunky thick knits... might have to give knitting a go!!!

  3. Oh wow such a good idea totally original

    mybeautysleuth x