Crafty Sisters

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Last weekend i went home as my sister has been busy with her homemade/vintage shop Here. She has given all of us in the house motivation to be crafty again. Before Christmas i had given up on crocheting as i ran out of blankets to make for everyone, as everyone i knew had at least one, special people had two. My sister has started making scrabble rings, i love these as i have had one previously but i broke it on a night out and since then i haven't found another 'k' in stock.

My little sister, i say little she is 17 thought she would make some bracelets. I love these too! I love wearing brackets like this over the summer as i think they look really nice when you are wearing short sleeves. As with the scrabble rings she had to make 'short lashes' for my blog. I love how individual and personalised you can make products like this. The are a great way to get into crafting as they do not require allot of skill to make.

I love these bracelets as they take me right back to my childhood, i think they are a great gift and i love stacking a few of theses on my wrists.

So have you had any crafty inspiration, what do you want to make this year? I am looking at finally learning how to follow a crocheting pattern. As the patterns all appear to be in a different language to me. I also want to learn how to knit as i find my knitting always ends up adding rows and is really tight, so i have to give up. 

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1 comment