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This is a bit of an odd one but i thought it would make a good post to share with you. It is my inability to make choices. I struggle with this on a daily basis, it only started about a year and a half ago. I find it really difficult to make decisions about my daily life, simple decisions like what i should have for tea or do i need to take my coat to work with me.

This started about a year ago, i think. I noticed it when people started asking me about what i would like, or what i wanted to do. As before i think a lot of decisions were made for me so i did not have to think about what i wanted to do. I have a twin sister and we are really close, we have the same food tastes, same pet hates and the same laugh. Due to this we tend to make decisions together, so we would pick what she had for tea or if we wouldn't decide we would have two different things and share them. I know when i me and my sister started going out we used to ask for the cheese burger to be cut in half, so i think thats where it steams from really.

As i moved to Sheffield in July i found this has got worse. If i am unsure what i am having for tea i will often go home empty handed, after walking around the store for a good ten minutes.  I think pressure makes this a lot worse, for example when the everyone orders their food and i have to go first. I have to ask the waiter to go to me last so i then can copy someone else's food order.

I think this is because i used to rely on people a lot more so i tended to go along with what they choose. Where as now i am thinking about what i want and what i want to do. The biggest decision is what films to put on, it takes me so long so i never end up watching anything.  The strangest thing of all its the little decisions that i can't make, i am fine with the big ones such as where i want to live.

So, how do you deal with the daily choices you have to make?

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