November Empties

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Here is what i have managed to get through this month. I tend to have more than one of everything on the go and as i love a bit of variety to spice up my life. Either that or i just get bored of using the same product so i tend to mix things around a bit, i think that way you get to try different products and find out what is best for you.

Palmer's cocoa butter, Wella silver toner, Paul Smith dry shampoo and Sure deodorant 

Not exactly the most exciting bunch of empties but i think they are a good bunch. All of theses i will be buying again over the weekend. I use these products on a daily basis so i tend to get through them fairly quickly. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter This was a sample in last months Glamour magazine. I used this the other night after i had a stressful day and a warm shower. It made me feel all pampered and relaxed, the smell of the cocoa butter is lovely. 

Wella Colour Fresh This is a silver toner for my hair, i tend to use this to get a platinum colour. I use this every couple of weeks, usually between bleaching. It helps with the yellow tones which bleach can cause on my roots. If i think my hair needs a boost i mix this in with shampoo and leave it on for ten minutes. 

Paul Smith Dry Shampoo I love this, i think it is really good on blonde hair as it does not show up powdery as some dry shampoo does. I use it between washes to give my hair some volume, as it tends to go flat between washes, 

Sure Deodorant I love the scent of this, i can't usually have a deodorant that has a strong scent as i have allergies and i will be sneezing all day.  This lasts all day, i can't really say much more really. 

I am planning to do a HUGE December empties post as i have been super scrimping this month. I looked in my bathroom and i have enough products for three girls, so i have been trying to use up all of excess products that i own. It has been really hard not to pop into Boots for a mid-week buy but i have an student over-draft to pay off and Christmas presents to buy. 
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