My Christmas Haul

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Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I thought I would share with you by Christmas haul so you can have a nosey and I can show off my presents with you. I have had a lazy few days so I am not looking forward to going back to work on Monday, getting back to reality.

I have had a few stressful days over Christmas but I think that makes you appreciate what you have and not to take this for granted! It's really odd for me not having longer off for Christmas as for the past three years I had over a month off because I went to university. This is also my first Christmas in five years that I have not worked in retail! It's such a relief not having to work at the peak time, with the stress of customers. It does mean that I haven't got the huge January pay salary that I used to get though, which I am going to miss. 

My secret blogger present was given to me by the lovely @lucyrebeccca. I could tell a lot of thought had gone into my present so this meant a lot to me. I feel like her present had put my secret Santa to shame really. 

  As promised here is a link to the bath bombs They appear to have the same values as Lush. The products are handmade and are reasonably priced. I have yet to try the bombs and see how they do compare to the Lush ones. 
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