Last Weekend's Haul

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Last weekend i got paid and after living like a poor-per all month i decided that i deserved a treat. Nothing too crazy so this is just a little haul. It is a little late as i have been super busy with work and it is always dark when i get home so the light isn't the best to take any photos.

Here is my haul, i went home to see the family last weekend so some of the pieces were from home and some were from Sheffield. I also a did HUGE Lush bath bomb haul but i decided that allot of them were going to be presents so i decided not to put this in a post. 

This was just one of the soaps from Lush, it is 'Sexy Peal'. I love the orange sent of this and it leaves my hands feeling nourished. I went into lush looking for a cleansing bar but they unfortunately no they longer do them. This bar is multi purpose so i can use this on my face and arms but i am unsure that it will have the same affect of the cleansing bar. You can see from the photo that i have already started using this, i couldn't wait. I have starting using half and i am gonna save half for later on for when i have ran out.

This was from Tkmaxx £3.99, it is a multi-purpose soap. My sister recommended this to me, i haven't used this yet though. I do love multipurpose products but sometimes i find products are called multipurpose or dual function because they aren't that good! I will give this a try and a do a post on this to let you know. They do this in different scents, this one was Lavender but they also did a peppermint one.

I love MUA products, i have also done posts of MUA makeup before and i have loved the quality and the affordability of these products. I need a new BB creme as my Nivea one has already ran out, so i thought i would give the MUA BB creme a try. The Creme was £3 and mosaic blush was £2.50, i was going to do a separate post on these as i have already tried these products. I love the blush, i love the subtle shades it brings to my cheeks and it lasts all day. The BB creme i found the texture is a lot thicker than other BB cremes i have used. I used this for a couple of days and then the top of the bottle developed a hole. Now every time i squeeze the tube it comes out both ends, which has meant that i have used allot of the product in waste. I don't really mind the product developing a hole as it was only £3 and i think i would buy them both again.

Sue Devitt make up, i must admit this is not a brand i have heard of before. Tkmaxx has allot of these products in so i thought i would give them a try. I brought a lipstick 'Villefranchie' and a eyeshadow crayon 'Kalahari' I think the lipstick was £3.99 and the eye crayon £4.99. These products are a bargain i looked on Amazon and the eye crayon is selling for £18.99 Here, so i think these are a good buy!

The headscarf was made by my sister, Here. She also makes scrunchies a t-shirts too! The sponge was from Tkmaxx £3.99. I love a blending sponge as i find my make-up goes on much easier and it makes    less messy to apply. I usually wash mine out once a week as i find they do take in allot of the product and this can make them less effective when blending my make-up.

Have you tried any of these products before? 

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