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2013 has a few ups and downs to say the least. I would not have predicted where I would be right now as it has taken me down a rocky path. The year started with a bang, I finally started my dissertation and began getting my ideas together. It finally sunk in that I was a third year and university was almost over :(. I didn't want university to end, I loved the experience. I had no idea what I wanted to do after university, my goal was just to complete my degree and worry about what I wanted to do later on. 

In febuary I got a fish tank, much to my mums annoyance as she did not want me bringing he fish home after university. As she thought my cat would kill my fish as my cat Benny is pretty evil. Well... Only one fish ended up coming home in the end. I started making big plans, where I was going to be living after university and who with. I was excited by the new start, new city and new job. By May it was clear that my idea and plans were not going to be so fairy tale like as I expected. To take my mind off things I continued ploughing my way through my dissertation and making the most of my third year. I also decided to start blogging, this was something I wanted to do for a while but because I was so busy it was never really started. I needed something as a hobby and I felt it could be a way of switching off from the real world. 

I then started job hunting, I was still unsure where I wanted to live and what I wanted to do. I was unsure about staying in Nottingham, where I studied as my friends where moving on so I knew this would not be the same. I applied for jobs all over really and I had a interview for Sheffield. Still unsure of where I wanted to live I thought I would pop along anyway. I went along that day thinking I would not get the job and even if the job was offered to me I wouldn't take it as I didn't want to live in Sheffield. As Sheffield was where I was planning to live a few month ago, where everything went tits up. After the interview I called my sister to say 'I think I might have the job but I'm not gonna take it'. On the way home I had a big think and I thought shouldn't I move, why not take this new adventure. By this point I didn't even know if I had the job or not, I just thought I did. I think once you walk about of a job interview you know instantly if the interview went well or not. A few days later I had a call, saying I had the job! On the spot I said I would take it, I feel like this was a big turning step for me and planned out my next few months. A few of my friends were still unsure as to why I was moving to Sheffield as I barely knew anyone there but why not! I knew nobody when I went to university, it's only like moving to university but for a job. 

In the June I started my new job, I loved it. It was the first 9-5 job that I had so it was a bit of a shock to the system. I took on lots of different roles and they was lots of opportunity for me to progress within the role that I was doing. While I was doing the job I still lived in my university accodemdation, this was odd seeing people go out in the week while I was in bed by 10. This all got a little bit too much for me when all of my friends moved out, me being so needy I moved home. One night I called my sister and asked her to pick me up, within the hour she was there with the car loaded up and i was on my way back to Tamworth. This was something that I dreaded as it meant a hour and half commute to work and it was so weird being back at home loosing my independence. This lasted a month, the commute was too expensive and it meant I had to get up at 5.30 every morning. In July I moved out, I had been house hunting for a few weeks, I found a few places which looked nothing like the photos. Then I stumbled on a house which was near to the city and looked perfect for me. I didn't need to visit as I knew I wanted to live there. Within a matter of days I moved to Sheffield, this was really odd. It felt like I was moving back to university again. I thought it would be like university halls where we were all one big family. At the start I hated it, I got along with one housemate. The other housemate reported me the landlord for not washing my bowl that morning, I HATED it. After the housemate moved out I felt allot better, we got a new bunch of people and now there is a much more of a family atmosphere. 

In July I also graduated! This was such a huge step for me as being accdemic did not come easy to me. I felt like in third year I struggled a lot, it finally hit me how much effort and reading students should actually do. Me and my twin sister graduated on the same day, this was one VERY hot day in July. I feel like now I will look back at university and see this as a huge chapter in my life. It's one which I would encourage anybody to do, it worked wonders on my confidence, I have some amazing life long friends and I came out with a snazzy degree. 

In August and September I attended blogger meet ups and started to get socialising with other Bloggers. I love my own social network where I could relate and chat to people who share my own interests. By doing this I have made some fabulous people and I have had some great nights out. I love how rewarding blogging can be, gaining bloglovin followers and people commenting on your posts. I was unsure if people were going to take me seriously or be bitchy. I think there is a few nasty snakes but I think you just have to ignore this and move on.
October was a pretty rubbish month for me, I was being made redudent. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. If I wanted to stay in Sheffield or move home. At this point I also had huge family things going on so the last thing I wanted to worry about was how I was going to pay my rent. At this point I finally felt like a grown up, worrying about the bills. I was frantically applying for jobs so I could at least stay in my house and then sort out the bigger picture. I went to a few interviews and they did not go swimmingly. By the Novemeber I still did not have another job and I had two weeks notice left on my previous job, I just didn't want to leave. Finally, I did get offered another job which is where I am at now. This was very last minute but I feel like everything did work out in the end, it has at least given me time think about what I want to do career wise and where i want to live. 

In December I finally sent my car to the crusher! Every single car I have owned it has be wrecked by me, I am such a bad driver. Now I don't have a car I do feel stranded but I live pretty close to the city so I can always pop into town, I think it's because I have always had a car since I was 17. Christmas was looming I was super excited to come and see the family. Christmas didn't exactly go to plan but we made the most of the festive time. I was really odd not having longer off and not working in retail as I have done in the past.

I feel this year as changed me in a big way, I feel like I now a grown up. In my head I still feel like I'm 14 but I live in big city and I have 9-5 job. After a few kick backs this year I could have decided not to move to Sheffield but I think it was the best thing for me. As I proved to everyone including myself that I  can do this, I can make big decisions. I think I still have a few personal goals which I looking forward to achieving this year but I think I am on my way. 
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