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Sorry, i have been super stressed out this week and i did not want this to reflect on my blog so i have had a nice week off. So today i am back with a positive mood and looking forward to the next few months.

So last weekend my friends came up from him to visit me, this was nice as i have had no visitors since moving to Sheffield. We planned to go to out in sheffield but as i have not have a big night out before in Sheffield i was a little clueless. A few people suggested a few ideas but i was just going to see where the night took us really.

It was my best friends birthday so her and my sister came to see me in the day, this was nice showing them around Sheffield and planning the night ahead. This was nice as i have not saw my friend in a good few months.

After an afternoon shopping we headed to Nando's, i have not been to Nando's in months since i went to the one in London at the Harry Potter studios. So i was super excited for this, it was the a perfect opportunity for a photo! I have now upgraded my taste buds up to 'medium', i don't actually think it is that spicy so i may be trying hot soon!

Me and my sister had a pumpkin carving competition. She said it was a bad idea buying one as she did not want to carry this back to the ca but soon as we got home she wanted to carve the pumpkin. she went first so she choose the good side so i was left with the mouldy side of the pumpkin. I then put the photos on Facebook so everyone had to liked which one they thought was the best. The only people that entered were my family so they liked both. My sister then liked her own which then meant she won, which i think was cheating. Anyway you can judge for yourself.



We then headed out, this ended up being a super messy night! Which ended up be calling everyone in my phone book, telling them i hated them and trying to apply and re-apply my lipstick. The photos are terriable but they do make a good viewing. 

Me and my sister 

These are the photos before the night got real messy, photos which are only acceptable to publish on Facebook! 

How was your weekend? 
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