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I was kindly invited to a blogger meet by the lovely Emma @Oh_Gosh, this was at the The Common Room in sheffield. I was super excited about this as it was my first time going to The Common Room and the chance to meet Emma and fellow bloggers. This was my first food event so i was excited for this as i LOVE food and who doesn't? 

It was a nice casual meet with plenty of food and drinks, when i say plenty i mean LOADS. It was a really good opportunity to try bits and bobs off the menu and hear from Emma and the waiter James how it was made and what the dishes were. 

This was only a few of the drinks that we tried. There were different flavours, root beer and black cherry. The black cherry was my favourite, it tasted like amaretto and like cherry bake well. It was not too sweet for my taste buds it was just right. 

How AMAZING is this!?! I loved this idea of stacking the onion rings, it is like a tower of onion rings.

This was the fried pickles, this is something that i had not tried before. They were really crispy on the outside and nice and juicy in the middle.

These were the rib tips, they are trimmings from BBQ ribs, i love these.

This was the Whole Damn Farm, this was crammed full of MEAT. It looked like layers and layers of meat love. With this you also got fries and sweet potatoe fries, which i loved! They were nice and crispy and perfect for dipping in the sauces we had. I think in my food excitement i did not take a photo of the dips we had. There was banana ketchup, which sounds a bit odd but it is really nice it is a good twist on the typical ketchup condiment. 

I think this dish had the best name ever MAC DOGGY DOG. No i have not made that up, it this beautiful hot dogs name. It contains mac and cheese, pulled pork, sausage and BBQ sauce. This was a feast for my eyes! I would challenge anyone to see if they can eat this ALL, it was truly huge. 

These beauties were whole smoked wings, they had two coatings plain and hot.

These was RIBS, there was allot. The big rib tickler, just lots of MEAT.

This was section of cheesecakes, peanut butter, blueberry and Oreo. The peanut butter one was a taste of heaven. I am not usually a big fan of peanut butter it this was delicious. We also had a section of milkshakes, which i did not take a photo of Oreo, strawberry, vanilla and Reese's peanut butter. These are served in a glass milk bottle, i love the strawberry one. We also tried hard shakes! This was alcohol and milkshake, i did think it was a bit odd as i had tried this before but they were very nice and the taste of booze in my milkshake was different. It is like a grown ups milkshake!

The Common Room has a really nice studently feel about it, which i love as i am still trying to pretend i am a student! The food was top notch, so i will be most certainly popping back real soon.
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