This week i was kindly invited to #shfTAR by the lovely Clare @FeastAndGlory. It was an informal meeting with Sheffield bloggers and tweeters. I thought this would be a great way to met Sheffield bloggers, as most of the bloggers i know all live a little bit far away so i often can't make events and things. It is a shame really as i love going to new events and putting a face to the persons name.

I was unsure as i thought as i would be the odd one out as i usually write about beauty and fashion but i think everyone was in the same boat. A few people i spoke to just popped along to but a name to avatar on twitter and a few people were writers for magazines and blogs. It was a nice mix of people as they always had something different to say.

The event was at The Wick at Both Ends, i have been here previously for a few drinks. It is a lovely pub but i think inside you discover what it is really like. As from the outside i think it looks like an average 'middle-aged' people pub but inside it as a really nice feel about it which i think it perfect for everyone; students, young professionals and the older generation. The pub is on West Street which i think it self the road is a hidden gem. As i have been to West street before and i have not realised how long this road was and how many places to eat and drink there were. I sound a bit silly here but i have only been living in Sheffield since July! I have only been as far as Nando's and the Tesco before so i had allot to discover.

The event was on for a few hours but the time flew by, once everyone else arrived we were then served some canopies which were delicious. There was just enough for a light snack, peoples orders kept coming out of the kitchen which was near to where we were sitting and it looked and smelt amazing. I must admit this i did not think to come to The Wick at Both Ends previously for food but i think i will be making a visit back for food very soon.

This was only a few of the lovely delights we were served, everyone was being polite and only taking one of each but the Yorkshire pudding sandwiches were too nice to take just the one! They were a twist on the classic twist of the Yorkshire as they were cold with beef cheeks and with a a horseradish sauce in the middle. We also had Scotch eggs, lemon posit and goats cheese tartlets. 

It was a really nice casual night with good food and great company. I love meets where it is casual and the focus is about getting to know each other and everything is nice and relaxed. 

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  1. Yumm they look like lovely canapes!

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  2. They were lovely, i have just subscribed to your blog. Your new little bubba looks so cute, i can't wait to see more photos :D xx

  3. Looks like such a lovely venue! Glad you enjoyed :-) sounds fun

  4. It was lovely, i would recommend it to anyone :D xx