Barry M Black Cherry 160



This Barry M Lipstick appeared in my haul a few weeks ago, i realised i never actually did a post on this and show you how much i love this. It was Halloween weekend so i wanted a dark lipstick that would be perfect for a night out. This colour is perfect i love how dark this is and how moistening this once i have applied this. I have spoken in previous posts that when i wear lipstick it tends to only last a few hours so i thought with a darker one this may become patchy but it did not. I did make the mistake of taking this out with me and this was a BIG mistake as i kept trying to apply this once i was very drunk. you can imagine the state of my face, i looked like the joker! So remember my friends, DO NOT TAKE YOUR NEW LIPSTICK OUT WITH YOU (unless you plan a sober night). The morning after it did look patchy and i tried by very best to get this off my lips but it stained them BIG time, i had a re-apply another lipstick so it hid the staining of the lipstick. This may have been because i applied to much of this over the night, i am unsure why i kept re-applying as the lipstick did fade a little but nothing dramatically you could still see that i was wearing lipstick and the dramatic colour of this. This is not a lipstick i would wear in the day as i tend to stick to lip stains or more natural colours in the day but it is perfect for a night time lipstick. 

Barry M: Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints, Black Cherry 160  £4.49 Here 

Here the lipstick is here i went out, sorry i have not swatched this one. For £4.49 it is a bargain as i would be willing to pay a lot more for the lipstick! Do not worry the joker will not be making an appearance on this post!
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