Weekend Catch up

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How was your weekend? I was super busy, i went back to Nottingham to relive my student nights out. I had been looking forward to this all week long as i have not saw my friends since may/june time which is a very long time. 

Here is a sneaky photo, i did not take a full outfit post which i am gutted about. I am a little unsure which pose i am going for here. I love my cami top that i have on it was £14.99 from River island, it is a nice off white which means it will go with allot of outfits but bad for boozy nights out as i tend to spill everything.

Here is me and the twin bob, again i am completely clueless to what i am dong.

So this is how it ends.... ahaahahahahahahahhaaha.

I then went to see the boys, left Benji and right Toby. 

Benji or Benny is my cat he lives at home as i live in a small house share in Sheffield and he loves his brother Frankie too much. It would have been bit mean to bring Benji here with me as i am out all day and he loves company and being centre of attention. 

Toby, is my Nan's dog. He is a Beddlington Terrier, he is the craziest dog ever! He loves a good tummy rub, i have no idea why he has his tongue out it is like is posing for a photo! 

So how was your weekend? xxx
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