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This wil be no surprise to people that know me i have a obsession with lip-stains. I LOVE them, they are perfect for me as lipsticks tend not to stay on for long on my lips. I think they are really long lasting and give an great overall colour which you can play around with. 

Here is my collection, this has now been reduced as i realised i kept allot of colours that i never used or that were time for the bin. 

From top to bottom 

Maxfactor 06 £6.00 I love this one, its a deep red colour. It is long lasting and i tend to wear it with a gloss if i am going to wear this one during the day. It is the most long lasting one that i own i tend to keep this one for nights out though. 

Mayberline 150 Tender Rose £6.00 This is one i wear in the day as its a nice red but not a deep red. This one was the first one i brought i am always keeping is one in my handbag. It is perfect for work also as i do not have to keep applying it whilst i am there. 

Mayberline180 Wink of Pink  £6.00 This one is a pinky colour, it one of the light ones so i do need to apply a few coat for this one to show up nicely on my lips. I think a few coats helps the lip stain stay a bit longer.

MUA Kissalicious £3.00 I think this one is very similar to the Mayberline 180 wink of pink as the colour is a almost exact match. It is not as long along lasting as the Mayberline but i think for half of the price it is money well spent! 

MUA Fabulicious £3.00 This one is a bad choice, this one barley shows up on my lips. Even after a few coats it is barely noticeable, i will not be buying this one again i do not think. 

MUA Fruitilicious £3.00 This is a deep pink! I do like this one i wear this one on big nights out as i think its a bit too much for everyday use. The colour on this one is long lasting after a few drinks. 

NYC Orange on the go £4.00 This one is a good colour, i was unsure as it is an orange lip stain but i think it works well. The colour however does not last very long and it left my lips with patches of colour. 

Primark £1 This is a complete bargain! I am in love with this, for a £1 i did not have good expectations but it is best lip stain colour ever, i love the deep red colour it gives me. 

What do you think of lip stains, do you have a favourite? 
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1 comment

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