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This time three years ago i would be thinking about freshers and excited to start my time at university! I have only graduate in July but i already miss it, i would do it all over again in an heartbeat! I don't think anyone prepared me for my experience, best moments of your life. It really is a life changing experience, well for me anyway. It made me more confident, more friendly and more reckless.

So i thought i would put together a guide for future freshers!

  1. Bring lots of booze, you are gonna need it. I was hardcore in freshers i did 14 nights, see if you can beat that one.

   2. Be prepared to tagged in lots of embarrassing photos! So its probably best to de-friend your nan and your old teacher.

3. Make sure you say 'YES' to everything. YES i will sit in a shopping trolley, YES i will wear my pj's out and YES i will go out tonight (regardless of how hungover you are).

4. Bring lots of money, it will be a few weeks before you get your loan. You wont want to be missing out on nights out because you didn't bring enough money.

5. Speak to EVERYONE, this one was hard for me. Once i have had a drink though everyone is my friend.

6. Join a society (this i didn't do and i wish i did) It a great way of making friends and making a hobby.

7. 40% is the new pass

8. Loan day is liking winning the lottery every term and did i mention bursaries ££££££££££

9. Enjoy your 7 hour weeks, nursing your hangover and watching daytime telly.

10. Be prepared for the best three years of your life

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