Dragon Egg- Lush Bath Bomb

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Hi, I have been super busy this weekend! I had a leedsmeetup and I went to London for the weekend. I have plenty of ideas to blog about. 

So I went to London on Sunday, we went to Harry Potter studios- photos in a later blog post I promise! We went on Monday morning so it was best to stay in an hotel Sunday night and to make a few days of it. 

So, I went shopping on Sunday. Went to the Watford Lush, the ladies were lovely! Asked about my weekend and what we are going to be up to. They were very jealous that we was going to the Harry Potter studios! 

As the hotel had a bath I thought I schools treat myself. As I don't have a bath at my new place :(. I opted for my favourite bath bomb dragon egg, I have used this a few times and I have not been disappointed. I love the soft, silky feeling it does to my skin. I love watching the bomb dissolve and sizzle from white the bright orange! 

It starts my sizzling around in the bath.

Then orange, I love HOT baths.

So hot dogs or legs? 

So I noticed the cutest scarf in Lush, I know you usually use these for gift wrap but I couldn't say no to this.

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1 comment

  1. Such a great idea to buy a scarf from lush I don't blame you it's too nice to use as a gift wrap! Those bombs look awesome I really should purchase one soon xx