Catch up Sunday

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Hi, i have had a busy, stressful week. So i thought i would try and round it up in one post. My friend came round on Tuesday so we had no choice but to take full advantage of the 'two for tuesdays' at Domino's. I had not had a pizza in a while so it was a little treat with a few bottles of wine, perfect for a girly catch up!

New Yorker, it had to be done really. This did not stay whole for long, nommy noms.

It was my mums birthday on saturday, it was last minute thing but i decided to go home and celebrate. It was nice because i don't to see them everyday, so they miss me now. I went home on the friday, i had the joys of delays trains because of not enough staff on East Middlands trains.

This was fridays POTD, wearing the classic leather jacket with my Harry Potter top once again. My hair is looking super silver in this photo! I think its the flash reflecting off it. See if you can spot the Gary Barlow Calendar behind me. I am loving the Primark Lip Crayon at the moment, it's a £1. It's long lasting and really pigmented. I didn't have high hopes for it but it was worth that £1.

Excuse the super cringey photobomb from my sister. On Saturday we went shopping, i will show you my MUA haul in my next post. I like this photo, i am trying to grow my brows at the moment. I was tempted to get them threaded for shape and a tidy but i resisted.  

On Saturday night we went out for a curry! This was to celebrate my mummas birthday. We hardly ever have family outings due to one of us having work the next day and me not living at home anymore. This was nice,  another photobomb by the twin sister.

So thats my weeks round up with photos of me :) How was your week gone? xx
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