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I have been a bad blogger, i was unsure how the direction of my blog and i thought i should get a decent layout before i carried on blogging. So after a few months I AM BACK. 

So here's a quick catch up, i have just graduated. 

Thats me and the famo, im the second from the right. My twin sister graduated on the same day! It was a lonnnnnnnnnnng and hot day but it made every day spent at the library worth it. I feel now that chapter of my life has finished and i have finally left Nottingham behind me. I am starting to feel old again, as i wish i was a student, i felt like i had more money when i was a student and people were more friendly.

I have finally moved, no more 6am wake up call for me. This was a big step, with everything that went tits up i had to stand on my own two feet again and make some BIG decisions. Everyone keeps saying how grown up i am but its only like i have moved to uni again but this time with no friends and no twiny to keep me company. It is different but i am getting used to it again, its nice.

But i do miss the little fella though, the famo do a face time session with Benji so he doesn't miss me too much :P

And i finally sorted out my fish tank, i was unsure what to do.

New heater, new filter, new plants and new shrimps. It looks so much better with a decent filter and now i'm just saving up for the biorb. I pointed this out to my mum, so fingers crossed for Christmas!

And Finally here is my outfit for today, i love this shirt. It was going to be a new work shirt but i already have so many nice outfits that i keep wearing for work. 

Shirt- New Look £17.99, Necklace- Topshop (old), Blanket (handmade). 

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