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Hey, so i thought i would share with you my top products. They are the ones that i love and have lived up to the hype. I love budget buys but i do not mind splashing the cash on something thats worth it!

Nivea Express Hydration Primer

This was recommend by my sister, then i found my housemate had it. It was on offer at the time so i could not say no. Since then i have brought pots and pots of the stuff. It holds my make up in place all day and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. I have lived by this since i brought it, it has become apart of my daily skincare routine before i apply my make up.

After attending the lush event, i asked one of the assistants which moisturiser i should buy. I have combination skin, so its dry and sometimes greasy. When my skin needs some TLC this does the job. Every time i use this i reminded how good this is, its not too heavy on my face so it dries pretty quickly.  I use this everyday when i get out of the shower, little really does go along way with this. Its worth every Penny.

Barry M Lightening Foundation Creme

This was recommended by my sister, she said how well this worked when she was blending foundations that were too dark for her skin. This used to be a problem i never used to have due to always looking golden brown. I am now paler than ever! I have not been this pale in months, so all of my foundations are a little darker than what i am now. This is brilliant! You blend as much as you need into your foundation to get the right shade, it works! A little tip that i have, you can mix this with foundation when you are running a bit low to make it last a little bit longer.

Garnier BB Creme

This is perfect for me, i use it everyday. It is not as heavy as a foundation but it does cover up my imperfections. It gives me an even coverage and last all day or a heavy night out.

V05 Give me Texture

I love this! It's like back combing your hair without the damage. I rub this in my hands and rub it into my roots. It creates volume instantly and is easily washed out. I swear by this its perfect for big hair for nights out.

Superdrug Conditioner

This is an excellent buy! Its 99p from Superdrug, it smells amazing and leaving my hair silky soft. I swear by this now and i don't buy any other conditioners. I sometimes use this as a mask, i apply twice as much and i leave this on my hair for ten minutes for a healthy boost for my hair.

Silver Shampoo

I love silver/purple shampoo! It's amazing how it gets rid of the yellow pigments in my hair, its like magic. They are lots of different types of this shampoo and allot of them can do the trick! I think this one is the most effective one and the first one that i ever brought!

Face wipes

This were a daily essential, i rarely use face wipes to remove my make anymore as i know they are bad for your skin. I keep a pack near by for when I'm too lazy or tired to wash my face. I use them when im applying make up too. I love the smell of these and i know allot of face wipes dry out when you leave the pack open or have them open for too long. These are long lasting and are dirt cheap too!


This was on sale when i brought this from boots £2, i thought i would give this a try. It's really good for me as i get dry and sore lips and I'm always licking them. It means that rarely any lipstick stays on but this does stay on really well. My mum tried this the other day and she said she didn't like it because it tingles your lips, she pulled some funny faces. I love it, I'm going to buy it again when i run out. A little goes along way and leave your lips with a coating that tingles and is not too sticky.

Lush lip balm- it started with a kiss

I brought this from the Lush Event a few months ago. I have an obsession with lipsticks and lip balms.
This one is great! Its very red, i like it thought because sometimes i apply a thick coating for a darker colour like a lipstick or i mix some with a lip balm for a hint of colour. It is really practical too i have  heard a few people use it as a cheek tint.

So whats your top ten?
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