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On Friday was the Lush Bloggers event, this was my first bloggers event so i was unsure what to expect. Everyone at Lush was friendly and was very knowledgeable about the products, their passion shined through for the products.

I had only discovered lush a few months ago, after wanting a bath bomb and i have been in love ever since. I have now tried the majority of the bath bombs, the bubble bars and the face masks. The products are all hand made and every one i have tried i have not been disappointed.

This also gave me the opportunity to meet some bloggers in Sheffield. Everyone i met was friendly and gave me advice about my own blog and they blog and how their blogs have came on in a big way. I found this encouraging and it gave me passion to put into my own blog.

So after being at work all day and being awake from 6am, i popped along to the event. We was greeted by the Lush ladies and was given a warm welcoming.  The plans for tonight had been explained; there was three stations, making angels on bare skin, massage bars and emotional brilliance.

The lush ladies then gave us a free pot of the angels on bare skin, this is one that i had no previously tried before. I used this last night and it was AMAZING! It was easily to apply and the smell of the lavender is lovely. It left my skin feeling healthy and soft with a healthy warm glow about it. I will buying more of this when i run out of the freebie.

Emotional Brilliance was amazing, i didn't even know Lush did a make up range. The lovely Lush lady explained and demonstrated how you spin the wheel then choose the three colours that stand out to you. The colours are named by personality types or traits, they are all positive. They are multi-functional too so they can be used as eyeshadow and lipstick. In my freebie goodie bag i was given 'wise' this is a dark green colour. This has made me inquisitive about the products and i sure will be trying theses out.


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