Colours of a Rainbow

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I have been super busy with my new job and traveling on my two trains and two buses everyday. So i haven't had much time to blog lately. Things are starting to sort out and i have just secured my own new place :D. I feel so grown up and OLD!

I have seen a few blogger do a post like this and i felt it was a good way to show off my new nail varnish basket and my fave nail varnishes.

I love this basket, i got this from TKMaxx a few weeks ago. It was £12.99, i was unsure what to put in this but i felt my nail varnish would be good as i have been using a basket which isn't very pretty.

I love different colours and different nail varnish brands. I mix and match usually on whats on offer when i'm shopping. When i was shopping in Primark a few months ago i noticed the nail varnish next to the tills. I grabbed a pack of four nail varnish for a £1, it was the pastel colours that attracted me to them and the price. I thought i would give them ago, for a £1 you can't loose really.

After i brought the first lot i went back for some more, now i have a good collection. I have had a few people commenting on them and they are shocked when i say Primark, one girl said she thought it was the Barry M varnish. So i think it's money well spent!

The varnishes do need two coats when applying them and they do take a little longer to dry. So its probably not best to apply it when traveling on a train or just before heading out.


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