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Hey, i have been a bit rubbish with posts lately. I have been up to loads though, i started my new job on Monday. I have started buying box-sets again something to watch before bed, i do have netflix
s but because my internet is so crappy i can't watch anything on it. It sucks big time, but its kinda nice going to bed and switching off from the world.

I only discovered CEX a few months ago, i feel like i go back in time overtime i go in there but i usually don't regret it. So here is a few bits and bobs what i have been watching over the past few months.

I heard a few people going about this, i wasn't sure what to expect really. It didn't seem like my cup of tea but i gave it ago and didn't regret it. It's an action, romantic comedy television series. It's about this nerdy guy who becomes a spy, who then meets CI agents Sarah and John.

The first series gets better and better by the end i was hooked and soon brought the second series. I was unsure the direction of the second series after the ending of the first one but it did work! I'm on the look out for the third series now!


This is an American comedy about Shawn who pretends to be psychic to solve police crimes. The episodes always start with a flash back to his childhood which then usually teaches him a lesson. I'm only half-way through this but overall okay, i'm hoping it gets better as i'm only a few episodes in.

This is a American FBI comedy-drama telly series. I had already watched bit and bobs of this before getting the box sets, so i knew what to expect. It's about a forensic anthropologist  and a special agent office. It's kinda obvious what happens as they have chemistry straightaway. It interesting how it looks at the relationships between the characters and this helps solve the crimes.

There is many series to this and i can understand why! I'am up to my third series now and it keeps getting better and better!


Staring and written by Ruth Jones i knew this would be right down my street and be a winner! It is film in Wales and is about a 'typical' family. Some of the story lines are really predictable but this did not stop me watching it.

I have been out and brought the second series today, which i will get underway with watching this week :D


Okay... i wasn't sure to include this or not. It's kinda embarassing but i knew what i was expecting, female women and their relationships. I forgot how good this was but it is a guilty pleasure, i don't think i will be buying the second or third series though as i think it goes downhill after this series.

I have just googled to see the US version this might be a good watch! I'm gonna give it ago and see if its kinda the same. But most of the time US versions don't usually work, i think it might be like a bad version trying to be like sex in the city, who knows.

Is they any box-sets that you have been buying?

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